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What To Think About Before Building A Garden Studio London

When planning to raise a garden studio in London, there are some unwritten rules you must consider. You have to think about your necessities and reasons to make such an investment, not to mention about your personal preferences. All these things are useful because building a garden room implies changing the landscape. You might have to modify the lawn, not to mention about the parking area or the outdoor furniture. With all these, the struggle is minimum for the benefits coming with such a construction. After all, a garden room can be used for anything. It is great to study, work, write, host some guests or even spend quality time with your family. Practically, it is like a little escape away from home, but close to it too.

Finding the best location

In order to take full advantage of this construction, make sure you know where to place it. If you have some experience in feasibility, you probably know the exact place already. If you do not, make sure you think about the comfort first. Practically, you must build it far from your neighbours, but also far from the street. You do not want to overlook your neighbours’ privacy, just like you do not want them to stare at you while you work or play your favourite musical instrument. Moreover, the street is very noisy and dusty, so stay away from it. Instead, try to find a natural spot in your backyard. If you have some trees nearby, it is even better, as long as they do not prevent the light from coming in. As a general rule, orientate the windows to south or west for more light and heat.

Another useful detail is to avoid the areas around old and large trees, since their roots can negatively affect the foundation. Finally, do not forget about the terrain modifications and the footpath.

Reasons to invest in a garden room

People choose to invest in a garden studio London for a wide variety of reasons. This room can be used for any purpose. You may use it to study for your Ph.D. degree exam, but you may just as well train in playing your favourite instrument without disturbing your family members. Those who work from home will also rely on it to avoid distractions. A few relatives can use it for a guest room too, but it is just as great to spend nice moments with the family. Some others bring in a few equipments in order to avoid the stress accumulated during a long day at work. Others would rather turn it into a kids’ room, with plenty of toys. In other words, it makes no difference what you need this studio for. You can easily adjust its use and purpose with only a few decorative items and some pieces of furniture.


In conclusion, a garden room is definitely a good investment. It will not just increase the value of your property, but it will give you countless possibilities too, especially if you have a little imagination and a good plan.